Visible resultsn about an hour! Vi

Visible results in about one hour!

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The most frequently asked questions about  LA SlimWrap...


How can I be sure the wraps aren’t dehydrative?

We actually recommend that you drink lots of water prior to and after your wraps.  We recommend that you stay up and active for the duration of the wrap. This helps increase circulation, and helps to keep you warmer during the process.   Whereas other (dehydrative) wraps advise against getting more than one wrap a week, you can safely get as many wraps as you want without the worry of dehydration.  Also, you typically will not lose weight during the wrap process. 

Are there any medical considerations?

There are no specific conditions that are listed as strict contraindications for getting a wrap; however, common sense dictates. If you are on medication or have any physical problems, you should consult your physician.

Will I lose weight with the wraps?
A slimmer appearence, not pounds, are what the mineral body wraps are designed for.

What does the body wrap do for skin?
Skin appears smoother and tighter after wrapping. Many of our clients enjoy this after weight loss, pregnancy, and to enhance muscle definition - because it helps to tighten and tone the skin.

Do you wrap the face?
Part of the body wrap process involves wrapping the face. The same visual slimming process that helps your entire body also helps areas on your face.

How many wraps will I need?
To maximize the results, we suggest you lose a pound or two a week and come in for a wrap once or twice a week, to visually tighten skin until you reach your desired body image. Then come in as often as you feel necessary for maintenance. 

What do I need to wear?
Women are wrapped in bra and panties. This is all done in complete privacy, of course. The bra and panties should be cotton, and the bra should not have an under-wire (if possible).  Men wear swim trunks, but again these should be cotton. The undergarments you’re wrapped in will be thoroughly wet when done, so you should bring an extra pair to change into after your wrap.

Are the wraps painful?
No. The wraps are not painful, tight and comfortable is how it feels. However, some people report feeling cool. We do apply warm solution every 20 minutes during your wrap, which does help to warm you up.

Will I be able to rest while wrapped?
We recommend that you stay up and active for the duration of the wrap. This helps increase circulation.   The activity we recommend is not strenuous; rather, just staying up and moving around is usually all that is needed to get the full benefits of the wraps.

Why does A Splendid Body offer so many different types of wraps?
Body Wraps and Treatments appeal to different people, and for different reasons.  Everyone has the desire to feel good and look their best, but everyone has their preference about how to achieve those goals.  There are definite differences in the products we use, such as minerals, pure acai berry extract, with vitamins A, C, & E, Seaweed & Peppermint, and Infrared ~ each having their own benefits. 

**  Also because we offer active body wraps as well as relaxation body wraps, there is a choice for everyone. 


More Facts about LA SlimWrap

1. SlimWrap is safe, healthful and relaxing.

2. SlimWrap Solution has the ideal ph for the skin.

3. SlimWrap firms body tissue and visibly tightens skin,

    especially after weight loss.

4. SlimWrap lets you determine where to slenderize

    hips, thighs, abdomen, etc.

5. SlimWrap is not a "water wrap" or "dehydration"

    process. Inches lost will not return as long as you do not

    gain weight and get in a few times a year for a maintenance